Oh Saturday!! I love you. Friday is always fun, and there’s usually so much going on for the whole weekend, so I love to have a great workout on Saturdays. It’s great to work off some extra calories so you can indulge a little in whatever festivities the weekend brings. Of course it also works on any day of the week, but it’s a long one so a day during the weekend is best. This is a total butt buster and really got me going yesterday. Workouts like this will challenge you physically and mentally and really have the potential to transform your body when you incorporate lifting and interval training into your routine. You can’t spell challenge without change! So, if you’re up for it, here’s how it goes:

High Intensity Interval Training
Start with 20 minutes of intervals. I like to alternate walking and springing or jogging and sprinting and I do a 1:1 minute ratio. I wear a heart rate monitor and try to get my heart rate up to my 85% max before bringing it back down again. I always recommend using an HRM so you know if you’re overdoing it (or under doing it!)

15 Squats
Stand with feet hip width apart and lower down until thighs are parallel with floor. For added difficulty, use a body bar or barbell.

25 Calf Raises
Stand on a step and lower your heels, then raise onto tip toes. For variations, you can do each set differently with one round straight, then with feet angled outward, then inward, then straight again.

20 Deadlifts
Holding a body bar, barbells, or dumbbells, stand straight with soft knees. Keeping back straight, lower the bar to the middle of your shins, then stand back up straight.

20 Lunges
With hands on hips, straight out, or holding dumbbells, step forward with one leg and lower so your leg forms a 90-degree angle. Lift back up and alternate legs.

20 Reverse Kicks
Begin with your knees and hands on the ground. Lift your right leg up behind you with foot flexed until it is parallel with ceiling. Lower and repeat for a total of ten times on each side.

25 Crunches
Traditional crunches with knees bent and hands gently supporting your head.

25 Bicycle Crunches
With knees in tabletop position, crunch up and bring left knee to right elbow; alternate.

Pilates 100
With legs in tabletop position or straight out at a comfortable but challenging angle (I like 45 degrees), contract your abs, lifting head and neck off floor and pumping your arms up and down quickly for 10 fast sets of 10.

25-Second Plank
Hold a traditional plank for 25 seconds.

15 Ticktocks
Holding two dumbbells in your hands, bring them to touch with elbows bent in front of your chest. Lower into squat position and bend side to side to work your obliques.

Repeat circuit one more time.

Cardio Set
Then do ten minutes of steady cardio, such as jogging or the elliptical.

Double Circuit
Then, I repeat the circuit twice more. Yea it’s exhausting but it’s an amazing workout!!

Cardio Cool Down
Then stretch and do 30 minutes of light walking, or jogging if you prefer. Sometimes I do an hour. I like to do some
lighter cardio to maximize the fat burning on after I finish high intensity workout instead of letting my body go back down to a resting heart rate.

This workout is boss and it’s exactly what I need on Saturdays!! I’ve adapted elements from bodybuilding.com’s Bizzy diet, personal training, and exercises I’ve seen in magazines. Use any and all resources you have to come up with your own amazing workouts! The sky is the limit!

Please note that I am not a personal trainer or expert, just a girl who knows what works for me. Consult with your doctor or trainer before starting any fitness program.

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