For The Win: Interval Incline Treadmill Workout

For the win interval incline treadmill workout
I need to switch it up at the gym lately, since that’s where I am getting most of my workouts in on these frigid New England winter days. The treadmill can get a little boring and I miss being able to run outside, but I can’t let my environment dictate my success. In order to adapt and make the best of it, I created this treadmill workout incorporating incline and intervals to switch up my running routine. I named it in honor of one of my favorite phrases, “for the win,” which according to Wiktionary means, “being the best; being great, awesome, amazing or spectacular; sure to succeed.” All of my favorite words rolled into one phrase!


Of course, you can alter the incline level and speed as needed depending on your fitness level. Try to keep your heart rate in the 65-85% of your max heart rate range and adjust accordingly.

Please note that I am not a personal trainer or a licensed fitness expert. I post workouts that work for me, and if you choose to try them, please make sure you are doing so safely. It is recommended that you consult your doctor before beginning any fitness regimen, and trust your body enough to know if you are pushing yourself safely.

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