The Journey Continues: New Year, New Goals

2015 New Year Goals
Here we are at the start of a new year. Amazing isn’t it? Looking back, my motto for 2014 was “bring it on.” I was ready for whatever life threw at me and ready to take on the world. I did just that: I quit my job, struck out on my own as a freelancer, started a digital marketing company, moved into my very own apartment, dyed my hair (which was major for me, as my blonde hair was a security blanket) and became even more happy and secure with myself. I have learned to care less about what others think and care more about finding my own inner peace. MAJOR progress.

In 2015, my motto is “the journey continues.” I’ve built such a strong foundation in so many areas of my life and I’m committed to building on them. Weight loss, health, fitness- it’s all a journey. There are ups and there are downs, and there’s no finish line. You’ve just got to keep going. Even if you gain some weight back, like I have, you can get back at it and be better than ever in a new way. I was dealt a major blow this past year with injuries that have stopped me from being able to run, but I’ve learned to adapt and try new workouts. I’ve started boxing, kickboxing, and MMA classes, and I’m going to work on getting stronger and more skilled with my techniques. Apart from fitness, I have a lot to build on in other areas. I’ll test out more new recipes and experiment more with my healthy cooking. I’m going to continue to grow my company, strengthen relationships with the people I love, and maybe most importantly, take time out to keep that inner peace going strong and keep my anxiety in check. And keep trying my best to focus on the positive, because I believe you can always change your perspective on things and try looking through a different lens.

I have been pretty much MIA with my blog for a long time now. I considered giving up on it, because time is not a luxury I have these days, so it’s hard to post often. But I’m determined to keep up with what I started and see it through as I continue my quest to be the fittest, healthiest me. Even if I don’t post that often, I’ll try make it count when I do.

I hope you have a happy, healthy, and peaceful journey though 2015.

What are your goals? What’s your 2015 motto?

Courtney Wienslaw

My blog chronicles my 90-pound weight loss transformation and encourages people to live a healthy, happy, fit, and balanced lifestyle.

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