A Week for the Record Books

20130504-104743.jpgThanks to everyone who took the Reinvention Week journey with me, and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! I spent a lot of time reinventing some things in my life that needed some sprucing up to keep my health and fitness routine fresh. I even created a new Purple Power Smoothie recipe to liven up my breakfast and got in some 8-Minute Abs at the gym to reinvent my core routine, thanks to my sister Kathryn and her brilliant suggestions. All in all, a great week.

So very 80s, so very timeless...8-minute Abs always comes in handy!
So very 80s, so very timeless…8-Minute Abs always comes in handy!

Are we all in agreement that weekends are the best part of the week? And Saturdays…man, I love Saturdays. Friday brings so much excitement from the end of the workweek and promise for what’s to come. Sunday is perfect for catching up, relaxing, and preparing for a new week (and let’s not forget football, when that time comes). But Saturdays are for whatever you choose. Oh, weekends, I love you. And there’s really nothing better in my book than spending a weekend with Kathryn. Usually when she comes home for the weekend, we’ll go out to dinner or for a drink and catch up, but this week she had decided her diet needed some reinvention and she was doing a juice cleanse. She was a champ and stuck it out for 5 days with no solid food.

A daily lineup of Organic Avenue juices for Kathryn's cleanse.
A daily lineup of Organic Avenue juices for Kathryn’s cleanse.

She had felt like she needed a little rejuvenation, and the cleanse helped her to hit the reset button. Afterwards, she felt great and had one meal in mind for her first official post-cleanse meal: a veggie burger from our favorite restaurant, The Little Pub. Look at that pure, unbridled joy that only a delicious veggie burger after a juice cleanse could bring. As she ate it, she alternated between exclamations of its deliciousness and proclaiming incredulously, “it feels so wierd to chew!!” It really is the little things. I’m going to get a report from her to share with you, and also hope to do a cleanse of my own soon, so I’ll be reporting back regarding cleanses (there are a lot of strong opinions about them!)

Cleanse complete: Kath enjoys a Little Pub Veggie Burger for her first official post-cleanse meal.
Cleanse complete: Kath enjoys a Little Pub Veggie Burger for her first official post-cleanse meal. Notice how she only eats half the bread…a great calorie saver!

After that, we were off to a Kentucky Derby party. We enjoyed a couple of drinks but kept each other in check. It definitely helps to be in social situations with people who believe in health and fitness too. For a long time, I didn’t really enjoy my weekends. I knew that if any events or parties were on the agenda, I’d have to abstain so I wouldn’t be tempted to have a drink or eat off my diet plan. I had fixated on the end result of my efforts to work out and eat healthy, and I would get anxiety over being put in a situation where I’d be around unhealthy things that would threaten to derail me. I felt like one day could make or break me.

Somewhere along the way, I learned a very important lesson: to simply take it one day at a time. We often look at a journey as one, long, linear route which arrives at an end result, but I think it’s actually a lot more like the movie Groundhog day. Every 24 hours, the clock resets, and you have to wake up each day committed to doing it all over again. You’ll reinvent each day to make it its own, but inevitably, the path to your goals is paved with single days, and single moments, where you make wise decisions that are aligned with your commitment to get where you’re going. So, it’s very important that you like what you’re doing, and you believe in your quest. As Oscar Wilde said, “if one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.” Think of your journey as a book, and each day you’ve got to read it over. You’ve got to recommit. As we’ve covered, time is precious. That’s why it’s so important that the things you’re doing to get there are sustainable and fulfilling. Because every day, you’ve got to get up and do it all over again. And if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, you don’t want to keep doing it. And once you don’t want to keep doing it, your goals start to slip away. If every journey is simply a collection of single days that all string together, then making each day count is pivotal to your success.

Whatever you want out of life, you’ve got to commit to it, and you’ve got to enjoy the path to get there. Whether it’s weight loss, or finding a new job, or any other goal, you’ve got to wake up each day ready to start fresh, but with the same behaviors and patterns that are leading you to your goal. That’s why I believe so strongly in small, sustainable changes that you can incorporate into your lifestyle. Each day you’re further than you were the day before, but you’ve got to face similar challenges. You’ll navigate them better with time and experience. You’ll face new challenges too, and learn how to tackle those. And then the clock resets and a new day begins. Your journey keeps going, one day at a time. Find a way to enjoy each day, because they are the stepping stones to your goals.

So, Reinvention Week is in the record books. And you know what? In a way, I’m ready to do it all over again. Never stop reinventing, because on the path to your goals, you’ve got to keep doing it over and over again. The key is to keep it fresh and new every step along the way.

In case you were wondering who won the Kentucky Derby...Kathryn and I did.
In case you were wondering who won the Kentucky Derby…Kathryn and I did. Gotta love a good party prop, and cheers to not taking yourself too seriously!

Have you reinvented your routine lately? What’s getting you to enjoy each day?

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