What I’ve Learned from Going Low Carb

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I haven’t written on here in awhile. Quite a long while, actually. To be honest, I didn’t think I would ever update my blog again. I have been stretched quite thin (not literally, unfortunately) with work and my personal life for the better part of the last year and a half. I’ve been building a digital marketing agency and traveling all over the country (see pictures below!). I also gained about 30 pounds, and it felt inauthentic to be blogging about health when my weight was going in the wrong direction.

When I was losing weight from 2012-2014, I lost 90 pounds by restricting myself a lot and working out way too much. I wanted it so bad that I did what it took at almost any cost, even when it meant pushing myself to the point of exhaustion, injury, and sometimes even starvation. I was getting progressively more restrictive and obsessive, and it was taking its toll. I ended up suffering injuries to my knee and ankle and had to work out a lot less. As soon as I backed off, the weight started creeping back on. My thyroid medication was changed several times as well, and since my hypothyroidism has had a major impact on my weight over the years, that added to my steady gain. It wasn’t like I started eating junk and stopped working out entirely. I was still following a “balanced” diet and moderate exercise schedule, but it wasn’t working anymore.

In September of 2015, I decided I was going to make a big change. My boyfriend, who has been witness to my daily battle with eating a conventionally healthy diet and still being unable to lose weight, suggested I try a low carb diet. He had read some articles about research studies, and said the data seemed promising. “Try it,” he said. “if it doesn’t work, stop doing it.” Seemed simple enough.

So it began. I threw out all of my whole wheat bread, crackers, beans, tortillas, bran flakes, bananas, and teardrop Trader Joe’s mini frozen pizzas. I was eating 1300-2000 calories a day on average of these “healthy” foods (okay, maybe the pizzas aren’t conventionally considered healthy), but they had helped me to gain 30 pounds. So, out they went. I stocked up on vegetables, meats, eggs, cheeses, butter, and olive oil. Also, some super dark chocolate and champagne. I thought, let’s do this.

I lost the first ten pounds pretty quickly and was down 15 by Christmas. I’ve learned that you can eat real, whole, delicious food and lose weight. I’ve made peace with fat, because fat is not the enemy, and the body needs fat to burn fat and feel good. I try to sneak a little extra in wherever I can to keep my macros at about 70% fat, 20% protein, 10% carbs. I don’t want to go too low on carbs because I get them all from vegetables, and I don’t think you should ever restrict vegetables. Eat them whenever you can! If I go over 50 net carbs a day but it’s from vegetables, I’m okay with it.

To date, I’m down just about 25 and I’ve started my workouts again. Nothing too crazy, because I’m being reasonable this time around. I walk, run, or do the elliptical about 3-6 times a week (some weeks I feel unstoppable and have to do more, some weeks I can’t handle and I do less) and do strength training 2-4 times a week. I keep it to about 30-45 minutes per workout. I find that if I do more, I don’t lose. (GD stress hormones!! Fine, you win!!)

The most important thing I’ve realized is that there’s no end to this journey. If you’re like me, when you think you’ve reached your goal weight, it’s not the finish line. You have to keep doing what you do every day to stay fit and in shape. One day off track turns into two, which turns into a week, and maybe a month. And perhaps what you’ve done to get there will stop working, and you need to switch it up like I did. You just can’t let up or give up. And if you haven’t tried low carb and you’re still struggling with your weight, give it a go. It just might work.

I’ll be updating more regularly now with healthy, low carb, high fat recipes, as well as refreshing the look of my blog. Thanks for sticking with me, and check back soon!

Take a look at some photos from my whirlwind year of travel!

And me today! The start of a brand new chapter.

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