Pretty Nice Little Saturday

Old School kind of defined the lives of my friends and I in college. We watched it hundreds of times, quoting it nonstop and referencing our favorite parts whenever they applied. I realized today how true it is that life imitates art while I was texting with my friend Alessia about my Saturday plans. I had a lot of errands to run, one of which was to hopefully get to Bed Bath and Beyond. I referenced the movie, my favorite part from my favorite scene above. She texted me back that she and her husband were going to Home Depot. Turns out, the very things we laughed at all those years had become our reality.
It’s funny how things change and you don’t realize it. A Saturday in college would entail shopping, nonstop drinking, hanging out with friends, and going to parties. Our exercise was beer pong and flip cup. As hilarious as we thought Frank the Tank’s plans sounded, they actually aren’t so boring. I enjoy the routine of a productive Saturday now, where I can go to the gym, get errands done, and feel like I’m checking things off my mile-long to-do list.

I had started off my day testing out almond flour/coconut flour-based paleo pancakes with my new Anthropologie “gaggle of geese” measuring cups that Alessia sent me for my birthday.
20140111-231503.jpgThey looked good!!
…but when I took a bite, it was like the dementors from Harry Potter had went inside my mouth and robbed it of all happiness and moisture.
So into the garbage they went.
Turns out cooking with coconut flour is quite a challenge. I wasn’t up for further experimentation. I had to get to my hair appointment and run my errands. Then I was off to see my best friend Kim, who recently had the most beautiful baby boy. She and her husband Freddie had me over for a day of hanging out with baby Dylan and watching playoff football.
I got to teach to him about football (gotta start them young) and play with him all day. Kim and Freddie made fajitas, which they went to great lengths to make sure were “a Firework in Progress approved” with fresh veggies, whole wheat tortillas and multigrain chips. Its so nice when your friends support your lifestyle. They also surprised me with some birthday gifts since I hadn’t seen them since before my birthday, since baby Dylan was born at right around the same time. I also got the worlds best-ever birthday cake, a football ice cream cake. Which was of course not technically Firework-approved, but since this lifestyle is all about balance, it kind of was.

I’m finally over a cold that lingered for an entire week, but still nursing a sore hip and spent the whole day with my friends so I wasn’t able to get in a workout. But I’m okay with it, because I know I’ll work out as hard as I can next time. Normally I would have left early to get it in, but before I know it Dylan will be bigger and I wanted to enjoy every precious second with him. This year, I’m trying to focus on maintaining balance in my work/life/workout schedule and being able to enjoy each day without stressing so much when things don’t go as planned. Stress is unnecessary and keeps you from enjoying the simple things in life. Like having a pretty nice little Saturday like this one.

How was your Saturday? Did you get in a workout? How do you maintain balance in your busy life?

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