Fireworks and Progress


Yesterday was the official holiday of Fireworks in Progress everywhere…because the best way to celebrate America’s birthday, and our awesomeness, is with explosives! This firework has made some great progress so far this month. It's only 5 days into July but I've started strong with the squat challenge, a road race, and some new goals.

Yesterday I ran 4-mile race called "4 on the 4th." I beat my own personal best race time, which wasn't too hard to do considering my 10k was my first race and so I have only one record to beat, except that it was about 90 degrees with 10000000% humidity and I thought I was literally going to collapse and die, not that I'm dramatic or anything.


I ran with my friends Dawn and Sheila and we had a great time. Later on I went to the fireworks and hung out with some family and friends and had a wonderful time. I love fireworks, and there's nothing like being a Firework in Progress on Fourth of July! Who doesn't love fireworks? This is our month to shine.

Today was day 5 of the squat challenge and I did 70 squats before doing an upper body lifting routine and spending some time on the elliptical and the treadmill. I felt pretty great to sweat off some of yesterday's indulgences. Tomorrow, I have to do 75 and the reps go up every day for 30 days. By the end of the challenge you do 250 squats at one time. It's pretty intense. Squats are one of the best exercises because they get your heart rate up and you're building muscle and doing cardio simultaneously. There are tons of variations and I'm considering doing another squat challenge with some different techniques after I make it through this one. Always thinking ahead to new goals!

It feels good to have specific goals and a plan for the month. I have been making small non-workout goals as well, such as eating meat 3x or less per week, getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night, and drinking 12 glasses of water a day. Instead of rearranging your entire lifestyle to get healthy, I think it helps to choose several specific, manageable goals and stick to them, and then set new goals once you’ve achieved those. And the goals should encompass all areas of life, not just food and fitness. Finding more time to relax or meditate or read or travel is just as important as building up your squat ability or running a race. A balanced life is a happy life!

So for the rest of the month, I’ve got my goals set. They’re clear and concise and specific, so I am confident I will meet every one. I encourage everyone to set clear, achievable goals rather than vague ones such as “get healthy” or “work out more.” It’s easier to hold yourself accountable to something more precise. It's also important to remember that if you slip up, you can pick up right where you left off. Progress is progress, and if you're moving in the right direction, you've got something to feel good about. I hope your July is filled with fun, relaxation, and goal-setting. There's nothing better than knowing you've set out to achieve something and that you earned it. So go out and get it!

What are your July goals? What kind of progress are you looking to make this month?




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  1. I was literally, no joke, sitting at my desk reading this while licking salt off a plate (after the chips were all gone, and yes, I’d put extra salt those chips) – oh gawd the shame! Then I got to your goal list and put the plate down and took a deep breath. I’ve got to get a grip here!

    My goal list would look pretty similar to yours, but I think we both need to add a bit of naughtiness (the calorie free kind!) to keep ourselves motivated enough to chug down all that water lol. Congrats on the race!! You’re looking fantastic and must be feeling awesome :)

    1. Haha you’re too funny. I have had the “I need to get a grip” moment often lately and I’m finally feeling back on track after a 2 month funk. Regarding goals, I totally agree! How can we get some excitement into our goals? Thanks for my new goal of making more goals that are fun!!

      1. Sounds like the… best… goal… ever! Hmmm we’ve got to get some fireworks into our lists – so resisting making innuendo joke… but so just inadvertently did lol.

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