Bring it on, 2014


I’m a big fan of new beginnings. It feels good to hit the reset button, especially on a day like today when the calendar begins again and so much lies on the horizon ahead. It also feels good to start fresh after the excess of December festivities from my birthday and Christmas. I’m so ready to reboot.

2013 was a year for the record books. I had started off the year unemployed and feeling far from my goals, but turned things around quite quickly. I finally got a job in my field, which I absolutely love. I reached some major health & fitness milestones, and won the weight loss challenge at my gym for the second year in a row. I took a huge leap and started my blog, which has really taken off and is now being featured on several local news sites in my area. I am so proud of what it has become and I continue to be so inspired by my readers from what they’ve shared with me about their own transformations. My sister and I ran our family’s 20th family reunion in honor of my Pop Pop and had the most fun weekend with our extended family. I ran a 10k at West Point, a 4-mile race on Fourth of July and my very own Turkey Trot 5k. I turned 30 and had the most amazing surprise birthday celebration I could have ever imagined with some of my favorite people in the world. And I won my fantasy football league which made me really, really happy! There were countless other incredible moments, and they all added up to a fantastic year.

2014 has got big shoes to fill. Last night at a New Year’s Eve party, my friend Anne and I decided the theme for this year is “bring it on.” As in, whatever life throws at us, and whatever opportunities come our way, we’re ready to give it all we’ve got. I have so many things I want to accomplish this year, so I’ve made some resolutions:

Run 1000 miles. This is a lofty goal, but I know I can accomplish it if I put my mind to it. I’ll have to average nearly four miles a day, five days a week to achieve it. Looking back on last year, I felt my best when I was running a lot and spending more time in the gym. I want to get back to that this year and really rack up some mileage. I anticipate I’ll run a lot more in in the spring and summer when it warms up, but for January I’d like to log at least 50.

Find more gym-life balance. Last year I missed out on a lot of social events because of not wanting to skip any workouts. The trouble was, I would beat myself up inside if I took a day off, and any rest days felt like I had failed. This mentality led me to injuries, which sidelined me much more than a random day here or there ever could. In 2014, I’m going to make enjoying life more of a priority, and make sure that that enjoyment comes from both inside and outside of the gym.

Amp up my blog. I want to experiment more with new recipes and workouts and share them. I want to add more beauty related content since I used to be a makeup artist. I also want to kick off a new project I’ve been working on which features people who have made weight loss transformations of their own. There are a lot of exciting developments in store at!

Check a few things off my bucket list. I have so many places I want to travel to: New Orleans, Chicago, Las Vegas, California, Italy, Spain, Greece…sooooooo many places. I’d like to check at least two off the list this year. TBD on which they will be! …But seeing Britney in Vegas is definitely a front runner.

Make peace with my inner critic. I am notoriously my own worst enemy. I have improved greatly over the years, but I still need to give myself a break sometimes. If I indulge a bit too much or feel fat or gain a little weight, I have this sense that I am back where I started. I need to learn to trust the journey, to trust myself and believe I’m doing all I can to get where I’m going. I’m so far from the person I used to be, and I know I am only continuing to improve. I am going to work on speaking more kindly to myself and accepting who I am. Because it turns out I am actually pretty awesome.

And so are you. I hope you have big plans for this year too. What are they? What’s your game plan for achieving them? You’ve got 365 days. Bring it on!

Some of my favorite 2013 moments:





















Courtney Wienslaw

My blog chronicles my 90-pound weight loss transformation and encourages people to live a healthy, happy, fit, and balanced lifestyle.

  1. I love seeing your transformation photos and reading about everyone’s story! It’s awesome! what’s not so awesome is when I see photos of someone who took the easy way out and had surgery and still claim that they worked hard and changed their lifestyle to lose weight. kind of an insult to those who actually have worked hard!

  2. Hi! I’m so glad you followed me on Twitter today and I was introduced to your blog. I love it :) I went through a weight loss transformation (-40lbs) as well and shared it with my readers. It felt so good to talk about it. I’m working on a list of 27 things I want to accomplish before I turn 27 and one of them is log 1,000….woo!

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