A Firework in Progress, Version 2.0

When I first launched my blog, someone copied my instagram before-and-after and posted it as inspiration. This literally brought tears to my eyes. Now, I’m determined to get back there.

Once upon a time, about a year and a half ago, I started this blog. I was underemployed / unemployed for the majority of the time when I was getting healthy after getting my thyroid disorder treated, and I was able to devote hours a day to intense workouts, meticulous meal planning, weighing and calculating every morsel of food, and obsessing over getting in shape. I was IN THE ZONE.

Now, I find roadblocks upon roadblocks. I’m super busy being an entrepreneur in marketing and social media as I launch my startup and work with companies to build their brands. I have very little time, and injuries from working out too intensely for an extended period of time. My body and my schedule fight me. And my social life is booming- which can be an absolute nightmare for one’s waistline. Though, I’m thoroughly enjoying myself.

My original path worked. But it wasn’t sustainable, at least not for me. So, my blog is getting a little makeover. I’m going to be focusing more on being healthy while having a busy life, at the ripe age of 30, and what shortcuts and fast fixes you can make to finally get- and stay- where you want to be physically and emotionally.

Stay tuned, exciting things are on the horizon! I hope we can enjoy this journey together.

Courtney Wienslaw

My blog chronicles my 90-pound weight loss transformation and encourages people to live a healthy, happy, fit, and balanced lifestyle.

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