The Best Home Workout for a Busy Lifestyle

It can be hard to squeeze in a workout somedays. Work, family, travel, appointments, and other obligations can get in the way, and sometimes going to the gym or getting out for a run gets pushed to the back burner. I always try to make it a priority, so I’m always looking for ways to make it easier to get the best home workout with my busy lifestyle.

Recently, I started a brand new workout plan with a new trainer, Sam. She completely customizes workouts for me based on my fitness level, injuries, and my goals. She motivates me and inspires me. Truly, she’s the best trainer I’ve ever had. But here’s the kicker: I’ve never even met her. She’s 1000 miles away in Nebraska.

WEBercise trainers help you get The Best Workout For a Busy Lifestyle
Meet Sam! My WEBercise trainer. One of the many superstars that WEBercise has!

I got matched up to Sam through WEBercise, a company that offers virtual personal training from the comfort of your own home. All you need is FaceTime or Skype, and just enough room to move around. That’s it – and you can get a world class workout from home without having to plan it out yourself, drive to the gym, or watch the same exercise videos over and over again. It’s also cheaper than regular personal training because you aren’t paying for the gym overhead. It’s revolutionary! It’s definitely the best home workout, and the best workout for a busy lifestyle I’ve ever found.

How it Works

WEBercise before photo. The Best Workout For a Busy Lifestyle
My first session included a consultation and fitness test, and she asked me to take some before pictures to track my progress.

I started with a consultation, where Sam and I discussed my current activity level and my fitness goals. I told her how I want to lose weight and gain strength after not being able to work out after my surgery. I told her about my trouble zones, my weak ankle and my lower back issues. She asked me questions about my current workouts, my likes and dislikes, and how often I wanted to work out.

WEBercise trainers
WEBercise trainers shows you how to do the moves so you have correct form

She customized a plan using a mix of cardio and strength, structured into different sets, for tabata and HIIT workouts. Some sets are timed (i.e. do as many reps as you can in 30 seconds) and some are reps (i.e. do 20 reps and move on to the next move). All of the moves can be customized to make it easier or more difficult depending on your level.

WEBercise is the best home workouts for a busy lifestyle
WEBercise is the best home workouts for a busy lifestyle

We started with a one day a week plan, and I recently upped it to two. She even gave me some advice about starting If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) since I had been doing a Keto/Low Carb diet and was struggling on it. She also provides me with workouts to do on my own throughout the month so that I stay on track even when we aren’t working out together. She helps me stay accountable.

WEBercise Moves: The Best Workout For a Busy Lifestyle
Sam shows me different moves and coaches me through every exercise

Create Your Best Home Workout

The team at WEBercise is offering my fellow Fireworks in Progress an exclusive discount so you can get the best workout for a busy lifestyle too! Sign up at WEBercise with coupon code FIREWORK to save 10% off your training package – for life! And they’re even offering a 14 day money back guarantee. So you can try it without any risk! Seriously unheard of when it comes to personal training. That WEBercise promo code will last forever for my readers, so make sure to take advantage! And if you join by December 12, you get an extra session free!

Staying healthy takes work. I always try to remove most of the roadblocks that keep me from working out: lack of time, lack of energy, I don’t feel like going to the gym, difficulty keeping workouts fresh, not having a workout buddy. Doing virtual personal training with WEBercise eliminates all of those roadblocks. It is truly the best workout for a busy lifestyle. I can’t say enough good things about this company. But don’t just take my word for it – Try it for yourself!

Ruby is always exhausted after a good WEBercise workout!



Learn how to get the best home workout for a busy lifestyle with WEBercise
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