3 Simple Tricks to Motivate Yourself to Workout

3 Simple Tricks to Motivate Yourself to Workout
Do you ever need to motivate yourself to workout? If you’re like me, you definitely do. You know those days where you feel unstoppable? Like nothing and no one can get in your way, and you’re firing on all cylinders, and have all the energy to book it to the gym and get in a killer workout? I love those days. Unfortunately, sometimes I feel more like I’m in slow-mo than go-mode. Especially on chilly or dreary days when I’m logging more time on my DVR and less on my HIIT. Thankfully I’ve learned 3 simple tricks to motivate yourself to workout so I can combat those feelings of malaise and get my butt in gear.

Trick 1: Check Your Social Feeds
This requires the least effort of the 3 steps and can be precisely the boost you need to get going: just log onto your favorite social apps and see whats happening. I follow certain people on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter who inspire me to exercise. Seeing their workout pictures get me energized to get out there. Whether it’s an inspirational post from Nike Running, a picture of a friend who’s pushing themselves at the gym or a pro athlete crushing it on the field, seeing those images can be your daily dose of motivation medicine.

Trick 2: Put On Your Gym Clothes
If the last thing you want in the world is to work out, tell yourself you don’t have to, but that you have to wear your workout clothes anyway. You’ll feel silly sitting there being lazy in clothes that are designed for exercise. It’s kind of half the battle. So strap on that sports bra and lace up those kicks. Flipping through the channels in your running shoes isn’t quite as cozy as your slippers, so you may trick yourself into getting your workout done so you can enjoy the rest of your night in your much-comfier PJs.

Trick 3: Set a Tiny Goal
Tell yourself you only have to work out for ten minutes. Studies show that just 5 to 10 minutes of exercise can be just as beneficial as longer exercise, as long as you push yourself. Feeling just too tired to add intensity? Try saying you’ll walk for ten minutes. Chances are you’ll keep going once you hit the ten-minute mark, and if not, at least you got something in which has a positive physical and mental impact. If you can commit to ten minutes from the get-go, whether it’s running, walking, weight training, or whatever, it’s something you can feel good about.

If you’re trying to lose weight, get in shape, or just live an overall healthy lifestyle, daily workouts are vital. Even on those days you feel like you just can’t, try these tips to keep on track and get closer to your goals.

How do you stay motivated when you’re not up to working out?

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